Mindbank Computers

Mindbank Computers is Lake Almanor's premier computer servicing organization. Established in 1999, Mindbank has been serving the Lake Almanor Basin and the surrounding areas providing quality, on site service for PC's, printers, fax machines and cash registers.

Mindbank is registered with the State of California's
Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair (B.E.A.R.)
Registration Number: E 85405.

Services Provided by Mindbank

Installing or Upgrading

Mindbank can upgrade your PC to the latest operating system, or install and configure any software of your choosing. With proper installation and configuration of your software you can avoid potentially serious problems in the future. Many modern software programs ask confusing questions during the setup process that, when answered incorrectly, can cause unexpected issues to
arise at a later time. Let Mindbank take the worry out of the process.

Installing or Upgrading Hardware

As technology advances, many hardware devices have become obsolete. Installing some of the newer hardware devices can turn into a nightmare if not done correctly. Why spend two weeks getting your new hardware running properly when you can have Mindbank get it right the first time? Whether it be a
printer, ethernet card or the newest GPS gadget, Mindbank has the expertise to make it work quickly and efficiently the first time.

Troubleshooting Hardware & Software

Hardware and Software doesn't always behave the way you expect it to. Hardware problems are rare but when they happen they can be devastating.
Software problems are common and can be just as dangerous, even to the point of destroying your precious data. Mindbank can solve software issues and
hardware issues and make sure your data is safe.Don't let small problems turn into large ones. Call Mindbank to diagnose and repair the small problems
in your PC before they turn into large problems.

PC Installation & Data Transfer

O.K., the good news is you just got a new computer! The bad news is all your stuff is on your old computer. Not to worry! Mindbank can professionally install your new PC and transfer the data from the old one. They can configure your Internet access and your email account. They can move documents, emails, email addresses, pictures and any other data safely to your new pc.

Tune-ups and System Maintenance

It seems like when your PC was new it was really fast and responsive. But as time passed it became slower and more sluggish. Mindbank can tune-up your computer and in some cases it will have more pep than it did when it was brand new. Major PC manufacturers have gone back to the practice of pre-installing many software programs on new computers that can sap the true operating potential out of them. Also, programs that have been installed on your computer since it was new may have unnecessary background processes using precious cpu cycles and slowing it to a fraction of its true potential. Call Mindbank today and schedule a tune-up to help your PC run at its full potential.

Virus Removal, Spyware and Adware Scans

Email attachment viruses are back with a vengence.Trojan viruses are usually
packaged with some other type of software. This can be a game, a free screen saver or even a fake virus removal program. Once a trojan is in your computer it can carry out the task that it was designed to perform. This can include fairly harmless (but annoying) activities, such as causing pop-up ads but can also be dangerous activities like stealing passwords, installing ransomware, harvesting bank account information, tracking your browsing habits and attempting identity theft. Let Mindbank remove pests and problems from your PC and secure it against future attacks.
Internet Installation & Configuration

Whether your configuring broadband DSL,cable or satellite, Mindbank can help
get the job done right. If your Internet connection slows, stalls, freezes or quits
altogether Mindbank can get it going again and maximize your PC's settings for the best online performance. If you need multiple connections, wired or wireless, call Mindbank to help you decide which is best for your situation and provide you with the optimum tools to get the job done right.

Home and Small Office Networks

So, you have two or more computers and you want to share data between them?
Mindbank can configure your small network so you can share data, programs,
printers and more.

Website Design and Hosting

Need a Website? Let Mindbank take care of everything for you. Mindbank will get you a domain name, design your site and provide webhosting all for very competitive prices.
For an example check out